Monday, September 29, 2008

l10n build changes

As announced in this week's weekly update there are changes on the way L10n repackages are being done.

What has it changed?
The L10n repackages are being driven by buildbot and are being pushed at the usual place:
The old way of driving the L10n repackages with tinderbox will be pushing the repackages in here:

Where are the logs?
The tinderbox reports will be keep on being reported to "Mozilla-l10n" and "Mozilla-l10n-locale" but the header of the columns will change to "platform_l10n_nightly"

The old tinderbox machines will keep on reporting for a while to "MozillaTest" with the original names

How many times do we generate the locales?
Every 4 hours starting at 9AM PDT.
We kept 9AM for now as the "usual reference" time for an L10n nightly build. With tinderbox-driven L10n builds we could only say "it should be generated sometime after 9AM". We can now say when to happen

Restating briefly some of the benefits
The l10n repackages will now be driven by buildbot rather than tinderbox. This switch will give us more flexibility on how and when the L10n repackages happen and we will be able to trigger other steps.

Another benefit is that we will be able to run L10n repackages in parallel which will allow us to scale since the number of locales has kept on growing and our builds did not

If more interest in the benefits, please read some of the previous blogs or let me know that would be good to have a well documented post

Please let us know (Release Engineering) if anything is not going as expected