Thursday, December 31, 2009

Personal projects going ahead

I have been quite stressed in the last few weeks with a project that appeared out of nowhere; it has been more complicated than I thought but I finally managed to put it under control in the last week or so (Thanks that dolske found what was missing).

Regardless of this stressful time of the year, I have managed to get some projects going that had been stale for a really long time. I will be brief with all of them:

  • Study my bible. More than a project it is a life commitment that I had not put that much energy in the last two months until I finish my last course for my degree (I will soon have my degree yay!). I have been studying the book of Matthew and have been paying attention closely to when Jesus was referenced as the Son of Man versus the Son of God. It gets really interesting!
  • Firefox in Armenian. Some of my friends tease me about it but the reason why I got involved with Mozilla was that I wanted my grandpa to use Firefox in his native language. It should become a reality in this year. You can visit the bitbucket project by visiting this link.
  • Omid Media International. This is one of the Christian Ministries that I am involved with. We ported the site to Joomla and passed the old content into it. I have been learning a lot but I have very little knowledge on how to use it properly. You can visit the site by visiting this link.
  • Personal site. My personal site now looks a little better but there is need for more hours on it. It talks about the things I am involved with and who I am and believe in. Link to the site.
  • Analytics. I added Google analytics to few of my site and I got started on trying to make sense of it. Great tool to understand visitors behaviour.
  • Theology and philosophy blog. As I said before I am putting more effort into studying the Bible and I would like to share my thoughts and force myself to write very often. I would find very boring if I forced myself to blog about me but with God is simply new revelations every time I get the Bible. Don't visit it yet since I have not yet ramped up.

I have been quite for a while due to stress but there has been some really cool things happening with work as well as with my life which I will share soon.

Cheers and happy new year!

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