Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Looking back - 2017 edition

Around this time of the year Mozilla employees are evaluated to see if there are any compensation changes or promotions. It is also during this time we're encouraged to look back and reflect on what we have accomplished. Partly to help drive conversations.

This blog post is to look back at what I've done in the last 12 months and my first reaction is that I'm sad to see how little I've blogged in the last little bit! Nothing on the last four months :(

This last year has been good and strange year for me.

It's been good because of what I've managed to accomplish as well as seeing Firefox set itself up for great success (I've not been before as excited with our product as with Firefox 57; it looks and feels great!).
I also had almost 4 months of parental leave between my two kids (14 months apart). Thank you Mozilla!

It's been strange because I was caught in the middle of a re-org that affected me. I had been invested in the Platform Operations org for a while. Parental leaves have the side effect of having to pick up projects that no one had the time to pick up when you come back.

Overall I'm satisfied with what I accomplished. It was less focused in one domain (which is what I prefer) compared to the previous year, however, I had the opportunity to have an impact in important work.

With regards to work I've accomplished in the last year I can highlight the following:

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