Thursday, May 01, 2008

armenzg: Mozilla internship (week 1)

How to start a blog post to convey so many things that are happening to me?

As many of you know, I am doing an internship with Mozilla Corporation who they deliver to the world an internet browser called Mozilla Firefox. This company is owned by Mozilla Foundation which is a non-profit organization, therefore, the desires of the companies are after creating an open web by being themselves open and allowing the source code they use to generate the browser (I say "the" instead of "their" since the code is owned by no one).

Introduction made, I will center on what I have done in my first week (non technical events)

When I arrived I was received by Gary (originator of Rumbling Edge) the first interim they had this year who came to pick me up with the car and move with me to the Oakwood Aparments in Mountain View (part of San Jose) close to the Mozilla Headquartes (if you look at this map I sit on the second floor exactly around where the RED PIN is)

After that he decided to take me to Mountain Hamilton where the Lick Observatory is. Gary is a person who loves nature and likes to make the people feel welcome, a really interesting person to meet for his unique involvement with the Mozilla Community.

Next day before going to the office, he decided to go and buy a cup for his brother to the "The Company Store" which some of you might know that is in One Infinte Loop (I am sorry Huanlu, you have to take it how it comes) which is part of the Apple's Headquartes. The store looks like a cloth stoe as Zara but with iPhones and iPods instead.

And finally I will be really happy to receive Lukas Blakk (Source Server Symbol) and Cesar Oliveira (Active Directory) who are also Seneca students as me part of Dave Humphrey's open source children. We also have around here, Anthony Hughes (interim of SongBird) which we will be visiting n San Francisco.

I am working in a really cool and heavy into details project under the mentoring of John O'Duinn who is the manager of the release team. He also got a good MacBook Pro for all my hacking and honestly I really appreciate speciall since my laptop is giving too many problems and the humongous screen that they got me is good since my eyes are like my grandma's

Anyways, more to come by the end of the summer... :)

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  1. 1 Infinite Loop, that's Apple for ya. What kind of street is Landings, come on.