Wednesday, August 13, 2008

L10n parallelization results

We want to do L10n repackages in parallel to improve the time it takes to generate them since we are growing every month the number of locales.
This blog posts shows some early results on staging machines and it is just for future references

List of machines used for setup A and B:
  • 3 linux, 1 mac and 3 win32
Setup A (buildbot repackages in paralell)
In this setup I made the slaves to "remove everything (mozilla and l10n) before you start with the next locale"

Start time:
  • 15:44 - Tuesday Aug. 12th
End times:
  • Linux -> 16:25 (41 mins)
  • Mac -> 17:04 (1hr 20mins)
  • Win32 -> 18:09 (2h 25mins)
Setup B (buildbot repackages in parallel)
In this setup I did not remove anything, just checked out again

Start time:
  • 10:20 Wednesday Aug. 13th
End times:
  • Linux -> 10:37 (17 mins)
  • Mac -> 11:04 (44 mins)
  • Win32 -> 11:44 (1h 24 mins)
NOTE: See the results in this tinderbox page (look at columns *_l10n_nightly that are in the right side)

Old Tinderbox setup (everything taken care by one machine)
Start date:
  • Aug. 13th (each platform starts as its own time - we just know that it can happen after 9am)
Start and end times:
  • Linux -> 9:11->9:39 (28 mins)
  • Mac -> 9:04 -> 9:26 (22 mins)
  • Win32 -> 10:48 -> 14:26 (3h 37 mins)
We can say that the platform that gets most benefited is windows (from over 3hr to 1hr and a half), while the mac looses performance (from 22mins to 44mins)

The drop in performance with the mac is expected because of the new way of doing things and can be improved

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