Monday, June 15, 2009

Call for Armenian translators (Translate Firefox into hy-AM)

I am trying to help Robert Sargsyan who has been for many months trying to get Firefox translated into Armenian.
Since I can't read or write in Armenian I will try my best to help him get people who can to help him.

We are using Narro to do the translations. To register visit:
To see that 83% of the strings are translated into Armenian check this URL:
To start giving your translation suggestions (after you have been registered) visit this link:

Once you make a suggestion Robert will see it and approve them if they are well translated as soon as he can.

If you need to contact us my email is armenzg [AT] and Robert's robyerevan [AT]

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  1. Have you tried posting on the Armenian wikipedia? Both FF/wp are open source oriented, there may even people people there translating pages from en to Armenian that could help.