Friday, April 23, 2010

One more Fedora unit test suite visible (mochitest 4/5)

Since we enabled the Fedora unit tests I have been working towards making all permanent-oranges for Fedora 32 and 64 bit builds to be green and today we have made one more test suite visible.

One of the unit tests that was failing was mochitest 4. This was because there is a pango bug that affects Thai scripts (I think). After some fiddling around Zack came with a patch that allowed us to go green and therefore be able to enable this test suite (thanks dbaron) for developers to catch other problems.

With this unit test going green we are down to 3 out of 10 permanent test suites that are still hidden.
My next bug to tackle is the bug and I will keep on continuing to collaborate with developers to fix some of these remaining perma-oranges.

Big thanks to Zack for the quick turn-around and to Ehsan in general for helping me to get traction in most of the filed oranges.

For following the oranges you can follow bug 558911

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