Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Go Faster: improved download times for test jobs and merged few talos suites together

As part of the Go Faster initiative I have been involved with a couple of bugs that have now recently gone live.

The first one is establishing a p2p link between two of our colos which improved the download times of builds, symbols and test packages to the test slaves. [1]
We can see in the diagram how the average setup time (which download times are part of) has stabilized after IT enabled the p2p link was enabled last Tuesday Aug. 9th in between our collocations.  This means that we have faster download times per run and proportionally more time is spent running tests. This makes our jobs to take less time and increases our pool's capacity. Unfortunately, this also is causing some builds to fail to upload artifacts to ftp (bug 677348). IT has a plan to fix this.

On the other hand, I have merged three talos jobs into only one (this went live yesterday Aug. 16th) [2]. This means that we have removed 2 setup times plus 2 reboot times per push. This is minimal but it gets us started to do more of the same.
Our goal is that every talos suites that takes less than 10 minutes should be joined with other jobs as long as they don't take over 30 minutes. In other words, keep every talos job within 10 and 30 minutes (initial goal).
You probably won't be able to tell that this changed as you will still be able to see the email regressions showing up on the dev.tree-management list. The only difference is that there will be two less "T" jobs per push on tbpl and when you click on a "chrome" talos job you will see the a11y and tscoll suites show up in the summary like this:

Now I will gather new data and determine which other suites are to be merged together.
I previously gathered some data and analyzed but I guess I did not write a blog post but just made a comment in a bug.

Stay tuned for more information!

[1] Bug 661656 - Determine if we can improve the download times between sjc1 and scl1
[2] Bug 659328 - Merge talos suites that finish in less than 10 minutes to improve wait times

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