Thursday, June 21, 2012

Initial automated Armv6 builds for Firefox on Android (for development purposes)

Today we enabled Armv6 builds for Firefox on Android.
This will allow contributors to know that their changes do not break the compilation of this specific target.

You can see these jobs running on tbpl (Mozilla's continuous integration reporting tool):

For now, we don't suggest you to install these Armv6 builds until we can verify next week that the update system is working as expected.

If you are interested on knowing when this will happen you can subscribe where the work is happening (the bug is used for getting things working rather than discussion of release dates):

Best regards,
Release Engineering Team

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  1. >until we can verify next week that the update system is working as expected.
    Can I *disable* the updates somehow? I don't want to pay for Firefox downloading an update through GPRS.

  2. Hi zubr,
    There are no updates right now but even if we had them, you get to choose if you want to update or not.
    You can just clear the notification at the top of your phone to ignore it.

    Sounds good?

  3. Sounds good, thanks!
    Why isn't this post on Planet Mozilla, btw?

  4. Thanks for pointing it out!
    I forgot to add the "planet" tag to the post.

  5. Has anybody managed to get B2G running on a Raspberry Pi? I believe the Raspberry Pi boards use an ARM6 chip if I'm not mistaken.

    After the decision to expose hardware multimedia capabilities, such as hardware h.264 decoding, to Firefox mobile, do these builds have that functionality enabled?

  6. Hi Unknown,
    I think your question can be answered by the mobile developers at the newsgroup:!forum/

    I just put the automation together :)
    I hope that helps.