Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Running Firefox unit tests on Windows 8

Last week, we started running Windows 8 unit tests in the Cedar development tree:
https://tbpl.mozilla.org/?tree=Cedar&jobname=Rev3 WINNT 6.2

Unfortunately a bunch of jobs are not passing all tests :( We have filed "Bug 847447 - Figure out list of failing win8 jobs and chase them down" to figure how to solve those unit test failures.
If you can give jimm and others a hand with those bugs that would be greatly appreciated!

Once we add the remaining Windows 8 machines to the pool of machines, we we will enable the test jobs on every other development tree and hide them until green. This way, we can have a better idea of the load to expect.

To track the project as a whole, visit: "[Tracking bug] test 32bit windows build (which include metro functionality) on 64bit version of win8".

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