Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Enabling talos mozharness for FF25 development trees

Today we have enabled talos mozharness (jyeo's blog post) on all FF25 development trees on tbpl.mozilla.org.
This is a project that jyeo has completed during his internship at Mozilla's Release Engineering.
Credit to jyeo
What are the implications of this?

  • It reduces chaos.
    • You can run talos the same way as our infrastructure does to minimize differences
  • It makes contributions easier.
    • You can contribute to talos mozharness without having to install and setup Buildbot
  • It removes deployments.
    • We can deploy changes without having to wait on the buildbot masters to be reconfigured
      • This makes specially the A-team very happy
    • The A-team does not have to create talos.zip files
      • The A-team does not have to wait on us to upload the talos.zip
      • Developers don't need to request or create a talos.zip since we use the talos repo directly
  • It makes easier developing and testing new talos changes.
    • We can make configuration changes in an easier manner and it is locked to a given changest rather than affecting a whole branch
      • It can ride the trains
      • It only requires changes to talos.json
      • This makes testing new configuration changes on try easier
    • Mozharness also gives us a lot of flexibility
      • Including a finer control on the usage of Python packages
  • We even have mach support!
    • This makes it trivial for developers to run talos in their beloved objdirs (blog post)


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  1. This is fantastic news. Thanks to both you and jyeo for this, it will save countless hours of time I'm sure.