Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to create a new version of mozpoolclient

I thought I had created a post on how to create new version of mozpoolclient, however, I could not find them anywhere. I only found a brief note on our wiki page.

Create a new version & upload to RelEng's Pypi

From the instructions in here:

  1. Make your code changes
  2. Update the version in 
  3. Add a new line to CHANGES.txt with the new version, the date and what is changing
  4. cd mozpoolclient && python sdist

Upload to Pypi

NOTE: This only applies to me and dustin as the package maintainers on pypi
  1. Register the app with "python register"
    • You can read the instructions in here
  2. Build, register, sign and upload
    • python sdist register upload --sign
  3. When you load the pypi package you should see a green "download" button

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