Monday, January 05, 2015

Run Android test jobs locally

You can now run Android test jobs on your local machine with Mozharness.

As with any other developer capable Mozharness script, all you have to do is:

  • Append --cfg
  • Append --installer-url and --test-url with appropriate URIs
An example for this is:
python scripts/ --cfg android/
--test-suite mochitest-gl-1 --blob-upload-branch try
--download-symbols ondemand --cfg

Here's the bug where the work happened.
Here's the documentation on how to run Mozharness as a developer.

Please file a bug under Mozharness if you find any issues.

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Bug 1117954- I think that I need a different SDK or emulator version is needed to run Android API 10 jobs.

I wish we run all of our jobs in proper isolation!

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  1. This should be hooked in mach.

  2. Hrmm. I thought I replied. Take two!

    What do we currently do?