Friday, February 13, 2015

Mozilla CI tools 0.2.1 released - Trigger multiple jobs for a range of revisions

Today I have released a major release of mozci which includes the following:

  • trigger_range(buildername, repo_name, start_revision, end_revision, times, dry_run=False)
    • It allows you to trigger a buildername between two revisions as many times as you indicate.
    • This is handy if you want to backfill jobs
  • It fixes a major issue when trying to relate scheduling information with job execution data
    • We needed to use UTC instead of localtime
    • We needed to use the completion time of a job instead of the claiming time
  • Added pushlog support
  • Added buildbot job status interpretation 
    • Found in mozci.sources.buildapi.query_job_status()


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