Friday, February 01, 2008

armenzg: Sess10 - Buildbot initial set up

NOTE: I am setting up the Buildmaster and the buildslave in the same machine
NOTE2: I am going to use the default master.cfg
  • sudo apt-get install buildbot
  • buildbot create-master ~/BuildbotMaster
  • These are the values that I have modified in the master.cfg file and/or are relevant to create a buildslave:
    c['bots'] = [("slave1", "slavepassword1")
    c['slavePortnum'] = 9989
  • To create the slave we have to follow this format:
  • buildbot create-slave ~/Buildslaves localhost:9989 slave1 slavepassword1
    Creating info/admin, you need to edit it appropriately
    Creating info/host, you need to edit it appropriately
    Please edit the files in /home/armen/Buildslaves/info appropriately.
    //You just have to update your name and email address
  • buildbot start ~/BuildbotMaster
    The buildmaster appears to have (re)started correctly.
  • buildbot start ~/Buildslaves/
    The buildslave appears to have (re)started correctly.
After this I can see the buildbot status on http://localhost:8010 and I can try to force a build and ping my buildslave but unfortunately I can not make anything happen but I get "pending builds". It could be that I did not set up a branch name since I left it as NONE

Later on, I will try to have a more complexed master.cfg, maybe a "try server" set up.
Meanwhile, have a look at the screen shot of my attempt

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