Friday, February 01, 2008

armenzg: Sess11: How to set up Buildbot to build Firefox and run automated tests

I have modified the master.cfg file to be able to schedule build with unit tests every 50 minutes on my laptop.
I have reused this file
and the modified files are posted here:

NOTE: I already have Buildbot set up from last blog post
  • I checked out the buildbot-config for unit test firefox with places (which I am not going to use)
    cvs -d co mozilla/tools/buildbot-configs/testing/unittest/
  • I moved the checked out files to my ~/BuildbotMaster folder
  • Made all needed changes to set up only one buildslave - These are the main configuration
    c['buildbotURL'] = "http://localhost:8010/"
    c['slavePortnum'] = 9989
    c['status'].append(html.Waterfall(http_port=8010, css="/home/armen/BuildbotMaster/waterfall.css"))
    c['bots'] = [("slave1", "slavepassword1")]
    c['schedulers'].append(Periodic(name="50 minutes build scheduler",
    builderNames=["Linux Ubuntu7.1 dep unit test"],
    firefox_trunk_ubuntu_builder = {
    'name': "Linux Ubuntu7.1 dep unit test",
    'slavenames': ['slave1'],
    'builddir': "trunk_ubuntu",
    'factory': ubuntuFactory,
    'category': "Firefox"}
  • I have also set up in the buildbot master folder a mozconfig-armen file that create a non-static build and enables tests. This mozconfig-armen gets downloaded by the slave
  • buildbot start ~/BuildbotMaster
  • buildbot start ~/Buildslave
  • I open http://localhost:8010 and I can see the results on it
The problem was that it would never pass the step " update stdio", because it required human intervention asking to say "yes" or "no" about accepting certain key identifying the server (or something like that)
If I did this step manually would be:
  • cvs -d co mozilla/
    which got me this message: "Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-with-mic)"
Therefore, I decided to use this command instead:
  • cvs -d co
And I updated the master.cfg accordingly by changing it to:
  • CVSROOT = ""
I restarted then the master by doing this:
  • builbot restart ~/BuildbotMaster
Now all that is left is to leave the computer work on it and give me results tomorrow when I wake up.

Image 1. Before fixing CVSROOT
Image 2. After fixing CVSROOT

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