Friday, March 21, 2008

armenzg: Sess16 - Automated testing on Hera

This blog post announces that I have got my hands dirty adding the steps to do automated builds on buildbot with testings on the hera server.
I have got access this last past Tuesday and the last 4 weeks I was working on the buildbot configuration for CAIRO, and this is the summary of what I have tried to do:
  • Access the buildmaster in
  • Modify the master.cfg to add the build steps for the linux machine
  • Add file and the mozconfig-linux-tests
My goal was to force a complete build with tests without ruining Adam's configuration (he set up the try server)

NOTE: This buildbot setup will allow to force builds with tests and builds without tests

NOTE: You can see the second yellow column that indicates that is building - check it yourself OR force a build (and go for a coffe)


As always, I keep a section for problems and solutions for future reference:
  • I used "buildbot restart ." instead of "buildbot reconfig ." and therefore I did put the try server down :( - BTW, do not use "restart" if you want to just re-read master.cfg so your changes are applied, because instead of using the last working copy of master.cfg (as it says) it just dies and never starts again
  • I had to put some of the environment variables (MozillaEnvironments['centos']) inside buildcustom/ file since it was defined in there and also in my code but did not catch it this way
  • At some point my "mozconfig-linux" file contained CRLF and I would get "line 17 errors" when I had only 9 lines; I used file mozconfig-linux-tests to confirm and dos2unix mozconfig-linux-tests to fix it (thanks rhelmer) - I remember the "line" errors but I can't find the log that said it - When I do cat .mozconfig, you can actually see that there are extra new lines in the output)
  • There are has been a lot of small problems that I have run into but not relevant


I am in the Hera server, I can make changes and I have got a build with automated testing.

What is left?

  • Make the other machines to build too (I do not know if they are up and running)
  • Learn how to make it build following the "tryserver" way (give a patch and run the build with tests)
  • Find out why the compiling takes forever

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