Friday, April 04, 2008

armenzg: Where do I display the unit tests?

Unfortunately for me, the major system that I am implementing this semester has drained too many hours (~150hours accumulated) and that for being a SINGLE course is way too much. You can tell of this because the quantity of work I have generate for each release of my Mozilla project (integrate unit tests to Seneca's try server) is a one day worth of research and work. I expect that after this coming Wednesday (final run) I could rest of that project and dedicate myself to my Mozilla project and my upcoming exams.

For this release I will mention what I have tried and found out. Two major things that I have been working on and have to get done/fixed:
  • The unit tests need a DISPLAY in which to show up. I tried to see what is going in the slaves and I have to do one of two things "get someone with root access to either set it to boot to runlevel 5, or do init 5 after it boots and that'll start up the desktop and you'll be able to log in via vmware console" OR "look up an Xvnc tutorial and figure it out (does not require root access :) )" (thanks a lot to rhelmer and I wish you the best!)
  • Through "Seneca Buildbot Try Server - Unit Tests enabled (soon)"(for security reasons it needs credentials - Look at the screenshot) you will be able to upload a patch and will run the unit tests but for now I will have to see if the perl script is properly set up. So far I know that I can submit patches to the folder "patches" in the try server. This will have to be retrieved by the buildslave to apply it to the latest source code.
NOTE: If your force a build of the unit test column, you will see that I have removed a lot of the steps, just to be able to run the test as soon as possible

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