Friday, October 02, 2009

Fennec - Setup developers' environment to build Fennec on Maemo

Find in this blog post two different ways to setup the correct environment to develop for Fennec for Maemo.

If you want to have everything ready without too much trouble download the Centos VM from our ftp servers:
and follow these instructions on how to bring the VM up-to-date:

If you want to do it the harder way but most rewarding, let me guide you through what was my experience.

NOTE: I followed the steps from the following page but finish reading the blog post before you do it yourself. Another note is that I am running Ubuntu 9.0.4 with VMWare

Brief summary
  1. Set up scratchbox with cs2007q3 toolchain
  2. Set up Maemo-scratchbox 4.0.1 from Maemo's repository
  3. Set up Maemo-SDK 4.0.1 from Nokia's tablet-dev web site
  4. Login to scratchbox and select our target which is CHINOOK_ARMEL (I think Chinook is the version of scratchbox and Armel is the CPU/architecture of the Nokia tablets)
  5. Get and configure exestack.armel from vladimir's page (These steps seem to wget and setup many packages)
  • Not sure if the message ("# you may need to relog into your machine here") on the instructions means to close your terminal OR to actually restart to machine. I just closed and opened a new terminal as I have read in other Maemo instructions.
  • I hit a problem when I reached "bash" which is:
    E: Scratchbox login found but not executable by user.
    E: Please check that user is member of the group specified in scratchbox
    E: installation (default 'sbox').
    E: Also start a new login terminal after adding group membership.
    I fixed this by doing this: "newgrp sbox" which I read in here. From this other source this might just have been solved by restarting my machine without having to create the group.
  • The Maemo-SDK will ask you a lot of questions which I decided to choose the default ones. Check out this page for more detailed information:
  • The Maemo-SDK takes a long time to install
  • Ubuntu offered me updates of scratchbox which I decided not to add since they are not mentioned in the instructions I followed
I hope this all you need to get going.

"Happy hacking!" as Nokia's SDKs finishes its installation with.

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