Friday, October 02, 2009

Installing Fennec nightly on N810

I will be helping this quarter to set up the L10n release infrastructure for mobile so I got a Nokia N810 to install localized versions when we actually have them.

In this blog post I will explain how to install a nightly deb file on your Nokia N810 (To install a nightly on Linux, Mac or Windows you can install the Fennec desktop builds - blog post to come)

The first two steps are to avoid you having to use XTerminal from your device. NOTE: You might be prompted to install
  1. Search on the Web app for "openssh maemo" or follow this link to go directly and install OpenSSH Client And Server v4.7p1-12.maemo2.
    1. You might be prompted to change the password of your "root" user. It didn't happen to me. I might have had openssh installed from before I loaned it.
  2. Search on the Web app for "homeip maemo" or follow this link to go directly and install HomeIP V0.9.1-2
    1. You have to add it to your N810's desktop by enabling it. On your desktop tap on "Home->Select applets...->HomeIP". You should now see your IP on your desktop. You are going to need this to connect to your device with SSH
  3. Make sure that your computer and your Nokia device are in the same wireless network and SSH to it by typing this:
    ssh root@
    and type the password for your root account. You should now be connected.
    1. If you don't know your password you can type "root" on your X Terminal and will grant you root privileges without a password. Read more in the "Root access" page by
  4. Visit this link:;O=D (sorted by latest modified)
    1. You want to wget the latest deb files for XulRunner and Fennec (only en-US for now). For today's blog post are:
      • xulrunner_1.9.2b1pre-20091002010458_armel.deb
      • fennec_1.0b4_armel.deb
    2. Now install first Xulrunner and then Fennec by typing this:
      • dpkg -i xulrunner_1.9.2b1pre-20091002010458_armel.deb
      • dpkg -i fennec_1.0b4_armel.deb
  5. Now every time you want to open Fennec you can go to X Terminal and type: "fennec" which should do. You can check that it is there by typing "which fennec"
You will have to repeat this every morning after the nightly builds are generated (around 2 AM PDT)

I hope this helps you since I didn't get to find any instructions for doing this but through instructions on IRC

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  1. I tried to install the second nightly and it seems there is a known problem; this is that when you try to install fennec there is no more output as if the process was hung. I typed "Ctrl+C" at some point and obviously got an error for aborting. You can probably ignore this post-installation message and check on your device the Fennec's buildid.

    To check the buildid of Fennec, you have to poen it and type in the URL: "about:fennec" and in the last line of that page you should see the buildid.

    Here is the bug that I filed for it: