Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Public Linux Reference Image (to mount /builds partition)

I wanted to have a Linux VM on my machine and I decided to use the Linux Reference Image that we provide to get all the goodies that our slaves have.

The problem is that the /builds partition did not get added automatically and thanks to bhearsum I was able to add it.

NOTE: The VM has to be completely powered off
  1. From VMWare's Virtual Machine Library access the settings of your VM.
  2. Chose  "Hard Disks"
  3. Click "+"
  4. Under "File name" select "Choose existing disk..."
  5. The name is "CentOS-5.0-ref-tools-vm_1.vmdk"
    • It should be in the tar ball you downloaded
    • It should be say that it is 30GBs
Now you have to power on the VM and make sure you see this line in /etc/fstab:
/dev/sdb1               /builds                 ext3    defaults        0 0
Now do "mount -a" to mount the new partition.

I hope this helps you.

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  1. I think you mean "mount -a" there. "umount -a" will unmount all mounted partitions.

  2. Thanks Will, I just fixed that.