Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A silly graduation ceremony?

Tomorrow, Thursday 4th of March of 2010, I will finally be graduating.
The ceremony will take few hours and there will be none of my former class mates, therefore, it can't be the same as most people's ceremonies. What is then the point to go? why is it important to celebrate things like this?

Sometimes in life you have to stop and do something significant to declare that something has changed that something has been archived. In this occasion it is something as boring and typical as a graduation ceremony.

I see doing this very important and I do it in many situations in my life. From my spiritual life to my career as well as in my relationships.

In my career I use blog posts to announce the end of a project and, therefore, celebrate an accomplishment or I tell my family and friends about it. It gets me cheerful about it and it also allows me to move in an energetic manner.

In my spiritual life there are moments like this as well. I remember when I accepted the Lord and I run to my aunt and celebrate with everyone. When I decided to get baptized it was a bigger declaration of the spiritual change that had happened in me and a declaration of who I belong to. Later on, I understood my calling to serve the Lord on earth and have always testified about this moment.
The latest is that beyond all these earthly and common things as jobs, degrees, home purchases, girl friends, news, going out with friends, etc. there is a greater call that some, like me, have replied to it and have celebrated it with others. I am running the race and I have to celebrate every milestone that I reach in it to keep on moving forward.

It is important to make a clear announcement and celebration of events happening my life and it is even more important when it comes to the real and everlasting events in my spiritual life and my relationship with my Lord.

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