Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Firefox in Armenian: what comes next and where you could help

Hi all,
As some of you know we are trying to make Armenian an official language for Firefox.

So far we have got to the point that we have a language package to change Firefox into Armenian and I am trying to make us an official registered team. That should get us access into the Mozilla systems and open many services to provide us feedback on which state the language is.

If you don't want to help or get involved you can pass the link to the language package to your friends and ask them to try it and/or pass it on. You can also think of people who might want to help us. If you want to see what this is about please keep on reading.

While we wait to be registered as an official language there are several places where I can get some help to make Firefox in Armenian a better localized product and get us through the requirements that Mozilla expects. If you are interested on helping please keep on reading.

There is two areas where I can get some help:

  1. If you have a list SIX search engines that matches the criterias in this page (more or less) and a news feed of articles in Armenian I would greatly appreciate it if you could email them to all of us and discuss them. This area of help is called Productization.
  2. You can already start translating the the following pages in the Firefox in-product pages section and send them over. This area is known as Web Parts.

In this section I expand the previous section. You can help in these areas.

First area requires to actually be a person that visits Armenian websites and knows different search providers that Armenians use (not sure how many of you browse Armenian websites frequently). If you read this page you can see that we need few things:
  • Live Bookmark (I believe this is just an RSS feed of a news website in Armenian with good quality articles)
  • Search engines (on Firefox on the top right there is a search box which has 6 different search engines)
    • There are three different types: generic, e-Commerce search (e.g. Amazon) and specific interest search.
There are a couple more of items in that page but I will have to ask around to know what I should be looking for.

In the second area I can get some help it is to translate few different pages where users normally land into (e.g. First Run Page, About Mozilla). The list of pages is indicated in the section "Firefox in-product pages". I believe we will be granted access to some type of web interface to do the translations but you are more than welcome to do some of it already.

Best regards,

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