Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Unit tests on the minis - status update

Over the last few months we have been switching to run unit tests on the minis to improve our load and use real users' OS to run our unit tests.

We are now running unit tests on the minis for mozilla-central, try and tracemonkey branches. This change means that we have reduced the load on the builders side from running 22 jobs per push per platform to only 2 jobs per push per platform (the opt build and the debug build). Ask joduinn for how much CPU time we are saving [1].

TraceMonkey is the first project branch to be running on the minis but next week we should have *all* other branches move to the minis as well.

TM is the third most active branch after try and m-c and it accounts for 9% of commits (try 37% & m-c 36%). This means we are now running 82% of our unit tests' load on the minis instead of the builders (this is only for Fedora 32/64-bit and OSX 10.5/10.6 since Windows is not yet moved over).

What comes next?
In the next week we should see all other project branches' unit tests to be run on the minis and cut the load again on the builders' side. This will help us to move more slaves to the try pool where they are most needed.


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