Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Firefox in Armenian: ready to download! (development builds)

Thanks to Mozilla's l10n-drivers, Robert Sargsyan, Hrant Ohanyan and other contributors we are now an official team and we are part of the Mozilla's new locales.

You can access the development Firefox builds (aka Minefield) in Armenian (Windows, Mac & Linux) which were recently announced by Seth. Armenian is going to be part of the new languages which we will try to ship with Firefox 4.0 and it is now time to get cranking at this ;) As always I will only be driving this since I can't really read/write in Armenian.

Here is a quick look at what needs work to be done:
  • Product (Firefox itself)
    • Mozilla will soon be feature complete which means that new strings won't be added
  • Productization components (feeds, news sites, search engines) 
    • This is the hardest area and where I can help the least. I will blog about this later.
  • Web pages
    • This is the easiest areas if we exclude the "Getting started" page
Here is a breakdown of the previous section
I need a lot of help with the "Getting started" page as the Armenian web world is very unknown to me. If you are Armenian please feel free to fill out the survey or you can forward it to your friends. You can also re-tweet this tweet.

There are 2 web pieces that need translation. It is very easy. Please have a look at it.

Product translations will still be done through Narro and approvals through Robert.
Please send this post to any friends that you believe could help us with this.

Thanks a lot again to Robert, Hrant and Philip for their continuous contributions.


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