Monday, September 27, 2010

Seneca, FSOSS and Release Engineering

This quarter there are many things that are bringing me back to Seneca College for open source related reasons.

This time is about a couple of presentations and a joint project with Fedora.
  1. Tomorrow I will be presenting at one of ctyler's courses ("Software Build and Release" - SBR600)with regards how our release engineering systems work.
  2. Next month I will be presenting at FSOSS to a larger audience how we use Buildbot in our Release Engineering team.
  3. Even more exciting is the joint project with Fedora and ctyler to setup Firefox nightly and beta builds for Fedora users.
I love presentations and I believe there are many good stories from our team that we can share.
The Fedora-Firefox repositories project is very interesting to me as it is an area that I have always wanted to investigate how it works. I also believe that we can have a benefitial impact for both Linux users and the open web.

Let's hack!

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