Monday, December 06, 2010

Installing Fedora14 through VMWare 2.0.6

I won't go too much into detail but I will describe the process I went through to get this installed.
I first tried the LiveDVD version which failed and then I tried the normal installation DVD.

LiveDVD Fedora-14-i686-Live-Desktop.iso
  • I created a new VM from the ISO (I might have chosen Linux 2.6.x kernel {whatever version F14 is} - I can't recall)
  • I double-clicked on the "Install to Hard Drive" link on my desktop
  • It tells me:
You do not have enough RAM to use the graphical installer. Try the text mode installer by running:
      '/usr/bin/liveinst -T'
from a root terminal.
  • The problem is that I probably created the VM with low memory or that I don't have installed the VMware Tools ("Virtual Machine > Install VMware Tools menu) installed.
  • I run "/usr/bin/liveinst -T" from the command line
  • I get this beautiful text mode installer which works very well with the offered defaults
  • The problem is that somehow it froze on the last screen (I think) and I didn't manage to get it to functional state. I decide to start from 0 but from the normal installation DVD.
Installing now from Fedora-14-i386-DVD.iso
  • Create new VM from ISO (this time I select more RAM - 728MB)
  • After the VM is created and it boots up it seems that the DVD iso is not detected
"The Fedora disc was not found" yara yara
    • I do a right click on the CD icon on the VMware window and I select "Connect CD/DVD"
    • I right click again and select "Choose disk image..."
    • I choose Fedora-14-i386-DVD.iso 
  • The installation continues and I reach this menu:

  • I choose the defaults except when I have to choose the environment I want to use
  • I chose "Sofware Development" installation type instead of default option
    • Additional repos can be added in here
    • I added "Fedora 14 - i386"; it required configuring the network devices which worked :D
  • 30-40 minutes I am asked to reboot
  • I update to the latest updates and I happily have a working Fedora 14 :D
Try to use Seneca's student's RPM repo for Firefox.

PS = Excuse me if I am using VMware Fusion rather than an open source alternative (which I have used before). I can't recall when or why I continued with VMware. Probably because I had work license.

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