Monday, December 06, 2010

Test suites on Windows

On my previous post I raised that xpcshell on Windows was quite bad on the minis. I assumed that it was mainly because the hardware was slower but Ted commented on the discussion groups saying that it might xpcshell might be slow because of the OS and not just the hardware change.
Guess what? Graphs are our good friends!

I compared all test suites and confirmed that it doesn't have to do too much with the hardware running the test suites. It seems that Win7 in it self is bad for running reftests and xpcshell.
Look at this graph and you will see how the two lines separate quite a lot for xpcshell and reftests.

For comparison, we can see that Win7 is constantly bad for xpcshell and reftests for debug builds as well as optimized builds.

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