Monday, January 10, 2011

Reftests and xpcshell test suites run slow on Windows 7 machines

I previously blogged about xpcshell being extremely slow on Windows 7 and jimm was able to fix something which significantly reduced the time it took. In that post I compared two different operating systems one on Mac minis and the other on a mix of VMs and IX fast hardware machines.

This time I am comparing Windows XP against Windows 7 running on the same base hardware (Mac minis - dual core 2.26GHz CPU). The comparison shows that the xpchsell and reftests test suites run significantly slower on Windows 7 than Windows XP.
Comparison of performance and test suites between Windows XP and Windows 7

If you believe you can give a hand write a comment on bug 617503.

Link to raw data.

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