Monday, January 10, 2011

XP optimized unit tests enabled for Minefield

Last week we started to run unit tests on Windows XP for every Minefield build we generate.
This change excludes the branches mozilla-1.9.1 and mozilla-1.9.2 where we will still be running them on Win 2003 machines.

There are several permanent oranges that philor and dholbert have filed.
All of them are just affecting the reftests suite, hence, it is hidden until they all are tackled.
Once everything is perma-orange-free we will discontinue running unit tests on Windows 2003 machines as it will improve wait times on the builder machines.

We can now see XP unit tests on

Please if you find any new permanent oranges feel free to file them and add them under:
 Big thanks (again) to philor and dholbert for filling the known bugs.


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