Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Moving away from the Rev3 Minis

On May last year we managed to move the Windows unit tests from the Rev3 Mac Minis to the iX hardware.

Back in November, we were still running some desktop and b2g jobs on the Rev3 minis on Fedora and Fedora64 for the *trunk* trees.

This was less than ideal not only because of the bad wait times (since the pool of minis is out of capacity) but also we're evacuating the SCL1 datacenter where those Rev3 minis are located at. To stop using the minis we needed to move to EC2 before April/May came around .

As of yesterday, we're running all jobs running on the minis as well as on the EC2 instances for all *trunk* trees and mozilla-aurora.

You can see the jobs running side-by-side on the minis and on EC2 in here:

Over the next few weeks you should see us moving away from the minis.

You can wait for the next blog post or follow along on bug 864866.

Stay tuned!

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