Friday, March 14, 2014

Running hidden b2g reftests and Linux debug mochitest-browser-chrome on tbpl

For many months we have been working with the A-team and developers to move away every single job from our old Mac mini pool.

This project is very important as we're moving out of the data-centre that holds the minis in the next few months. The sooner we get out of there the more we can save. Moving the machines out there will start in April/May.

Currently we run on the minis:
  • Linux 32 debug mochitest-browser-chrome
  • Linux 64 debug mochitest-browser-chrome
  • B2G reftests
This week we have enabled these jobs on EC2 for mozilla-inbound. We will run them side-by-side until we're at par on coverage. They are currently hidden to help us see these jobs running at scale.

Here are the URLs to see them running live:
As you read this post we're landing and merging more patches to deal with the remaining known issues.
Stay tuned for more!

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