Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gaia code changes and how the trickle-down into Mozilla's RelEng CI

Too long; did not read: In our pushes' monthly report we more or less count all Gaia commits through the B2G-Inbound repository.

For the last few months, I've been creating reports about the pushes to the tbpl trees and I had to add some disclaimers about the code pushes to the Gaia repositories. I've decided to write the disclaimer in here and simply put a hyperlink to this post.

Contributions to the Gaia repositories are done through GitHub and are run through the Travis CI (rather than through the Release Engineering infrastructure). However, independently from the Travis CI, we bring the Gaia merges into the Release Engineering systems this way:
    • We mirror the github changes into our git setup (gaia.git)
    • These changes trigger the Travis CI
    • We convert our internal git repo to our hg repos (e.g. gaia-central)
    • There is a B2G Bumper bot that will change device manifests on b2g-inbound with gonk/gaia git changesets for emulator/device builds
    • There is a Gaia Bumper bot that will change device manifests on b2g-inbound with gaia hg changesets for b2g desktop builds
    • Those manifest changes indicate which gaia changesets to checkout
    • This will trigger tbpl changes and run on the RelEng infrastructure

Here's an example:

Long-story-short: Even though we don't have a Gaia tree on, we test the Gaia changes through the B2G-Inbound tree, hence, we take Gaia pushes into account for the monthly pushes report.

For more information, the B2G bumper bot was designed in this bug.

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