Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kiss our old Mac Mini test pool goodbye

Today we have stopped running test jobs on our old Revision 3 Mac Mini test pool (see previous announcement).

There's a very very long list of people that have been involved in this project (see bug 864866).
I want to thank ahal, fgomes, jgriffin, jmaher, jrmuizel and rail for their help on the last mile.

We're very happy to have finally decommissioned this non-datacenter-friendly infrastructure.

A bit of history

These minis were purchased back in early 2010 and we bought more than 300 of them.
At first, we run on them Fedora 12, Fedora 12 x64, Windows Xp, Windows 7 and Mac 10.5. Later on we also added 10.6 to the mix (if my memory doesn't fail me).

Somewhere in 2012, we moved the Mac 10.6 testings to the revision 4 new mac server minis and deprecated the 10.5 rev3 testing pool. We then re-purposed those machines to increase the Windows and the Fedora pools.

By May of 2013, we stopped running Windows on them.
During 2013, we moved a lot of the Fedora testing to EC2.
Now, we managed to move the B2G reftests and Firefox debug mochitest-browser-chrome to EC2.

NOTE: I hope my memory does not fail me

Delivery of the Mac minis (photo credit to joduinn)
Racked at the datacenter (photo credit to joduinn)

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  1. great post! small typo tho: s/very very long lit of/very very long list of/

    1. Hey bear! Happy to see you around.
      Thanks for letting me know about the typo. I fixed it.

  2. The minis are dead! Long live the minis!

    1. :) I bet the server ops team is so glad to get rid of them

    2. The datacenter where they're currently located will start evacuating next month :)
      This is the only infra that will not require care :P

  3. DataCenter Garage Sale coming up?

  4. Thank you for your donation to the Haiku project! :)
    (Although I'm no representative of Haiku, nor of Haiku Inc... I'm just a Haiku enthusiast :)

    -- louisdem

  5. Our pleasure! We hope it helps!