Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to create local buildbot slaves

For the longest time I have wished for *some* documentation on how to setup a buildbot slave outside of the Release Engineering setup and not needing to go through the Puppet manifests.

On a previous post, I've documented how to setup a production buildbot master.
In this post, I'm only covering the slaves side of the setup.

Install buildslave

virtualenv ~/venvs/buildbot-slave
source ~/venvs/buildbot-slave/bin/activate
pip install zope.interface==3.6.1
pip install buildbot-slave==0.8.4-pre-moz2 --find-links
pip install Twisted==10.2.0
pip install simplejson==2.1.3
NOTE: You can figure out what to install by looking in here:

Create the slaves

NOTE: I already have build and test master in my localhost with ports 9000 and 9001 respecively.
buildslave create-slave /builds/build_slave localhost:9000 bld-linux64-ix-060 pass
buildslave create-slave /builds/test_slave localhost:9001 tst-linux64-ec2-001 pass

Start the slaves

On a normal day, you can do this to start your slaves up:
 source ~/venvs/buildbot-slave/bin/activate
 buildslave start /builds/build_slave
 buildslave start /builds/test_slave

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