Thursday, May 22, 2014

Technical debt and getting rid of the elephants

Recently, I had to deal with code where I knew there were elephants in the code and I did not want to see them. Namely, adding a new build platform (mulet) and running a b2g desktop job through mozharness on my local machine.

As I passed by, I decided to spend some time to go and get some peanuts to get at least few of those elephants out of there:

I know I can't use "the elephant in the room" metaphor like that but I just did and you just know what I meant :)

Well, how do you deal with technical debt?
Do you take a chunk every time you pass by that code?
Do you wait for the storm to pass by (you've shipped your awesome release) before throwing the elephants off the ship?
Or else?

Let me know; I'm eager to hear about your own de-elephantization stories.

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