Friday, June 20, 2014

My first A-team project: install all the tests!

As a welcoming bug to the A-team I had to deal with changing what tests get packaged.
The goal was to include all tests on a regardless if they are marked as disabled on the test manifests or not.

Changing it the packaging was not too difficult as I already had pointers from jgriffin, the problem came with the runners.
The B2G emulator and desktop mochitest runners did not read the manifests; what they did is to run all tests that came inside of the (even disabled ones).

Unfortunately for me, the mochitest runners code is very very old and it was hard to figure out how to make it work as clean as possible. I did a lot of mistakes and landed it twice incorrectly (improper try landing and lost my good patch somewhere) - sorry Ryan!.

After a lot of tweaking it, reviews from jmaher and help from ted & ahal, it landed last week.

For more details you can read bug 989583.

PS = Using was priceless to speed up my development.

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