Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Down Memory Lane

It was cool to find an article from "The Senecan" which talks about how through Seneca, Lukas and I got involved and hired by Mozilla. Here's the article.

Here's an excerpt:
From Mozilla volunteers to software developers 
It pays to volunteer for Mozilla, at least it did for a pair of Seneca Software Development students. 
Armen Zambrano and Lukas Sebastian Blakk are still months away from graduating, but that hasn't stopped the creators behind the popular web browser Firefox from hiring them. 
When they are not in class learning, the Senecans will be doing a wide range of software work on the company’s browser including quality testing and writing code. “Being able to work on real code, with real developers has been invaluable,” says Lukas. “I came here to start a new career as soon as school is done, and thanks to the College’s partnership with Mozilla I've actually started it while still in school. I feel like I have a head start on the path I've chosen.”  
Firefox is a free open source web browser that can...

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  1. Is the official dance of Seneca College the Senecancan?