Thursday, July 03, 2014

Tbpl's blobber uploads are now discoverable

What is blobber? Blobber is a server and client side set of tools that allow Releng's test infrastructure to upload files without requiring to deploy ssh keys on them.

This is useful since it allows uploads of screenshots, crashdumps and any other file needed to debug what failed on a test job.

Up until now, if you wanted your scripts determine the files uploaded in a job, you would have to download the log and parse it to find the TinderboxPrint lines for Blobbler uploads, e.g.
15:21:18 INFO - (blobuploader) - INFO - TinderboxPrint: Uploaded 70485077-b08a-4530-8d4b-c85b0d6f9bc7.dmp to
Now, you can look for the set of files uploaded by looking at the uploaded_files.json that we upload at the end of all uploads. This can be discovered by inspecting the buildjson files or by listening to the pulse events. The key used is called "blobber_manifest_url" e.g.
"blobber_manifest_url": "",
In the future, this feature will be useful when we start uploading structured logs. It will help us not to download logs to extract meta-data about the jobs!

No, your uploads are not this ugly
This work was completed in bug 986112. Thanks to aki, catlee, mtabara and rail to help me get this out the door. You can read more about Blobber by visiting: "Blobber is live - upload ALL the things!" and "Blobber - local environment setup".

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