Friday, May 06, 2016

Installing Vidyo on Ubuntu 16.06 LTS (dependency libqt4-gui unmet)

I've recently upgraded to Ubuntu 16.06 LTS from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
The only package I've noticed to be missing is vidyodesktop.

In order to install it, I tried going to and open the .deb file.
Unfortunately, it would not install.
In order to determine why it was failing I run this:
sudo dpkg -i VidyoDesktopInstaller-ubuntu64-TAG_VD_3_3_0_027.deb 
Unfortunately it said that libqt4-gui needed to be installed, however. the package is not available for this version of Ubuntu.
In order to fix it, rail told me that we had to install a dummy package to fool Vidyo. This can be accomplished with equivs package.

  • Install equivs package
sudo apt-get install equivs
  • Generate a control file
equivs-control libqt4-gui
  • Edit libqt4-gui and tweak the following variables: Package, Version, Description. Example file
### Commented entries have reasonable defaults.
### Uncomment to edit them.
# Source: 
Section: misc
Priority: optional
# Homepage: 
Standards-Version: 3.9.2
Package: libqt4-gui
Version: 4.8.1
# Maintainer: Your Name 
# Pre-Depends: 
# Depends: 
# Recommends: 
# Suggests: 
# Provides: 
# Replaces: 
# Architecture: all
# Multi-Arch: 
# Copyright: 
# Changelog: 
# Readme: 
# Extra-Files: 
# Files: 
Description: fake package to please vidyo
 long description and info. 
 second paragraph 
  • Build the deb
equivs-build libqt4-gui
  • Install the deb
sudo dpkg -i libqt4-gui_4.8.1_all.deb

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