Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Schedule a Linux64 TaskCluster task from the command line

I've created an experimental repository to play with TaskCluster scheduling using your personal temporary credentials.

If you want to try to schedule a real task from the command line feel free to give it a try:

Here's the output of scheduling a Linux64 debug task.
NOTE: It will not post to Treeherder
NOTE: It will open a new tab asking you to grant access to your TaskCluster temp credentials.

(TC_scheduling) armenzg@armenzg-thinkpad:~/repos/TC_developer_scheduling_experiments$ python schedule_linux64_task.py 
04:48:50 root Setting INFO level
04:48:50 mozci.taskcluster.tc We're going to open a new tab and authenticate you with TaskCluster.
  Opening browser window to login.taskcluster.net
  Asking you to grant temporary credentials to:
04:48:54 mozci.taskcluster.tc Inspect the task in https://tools.taskcluster.net/task-inspector/#bmt-5IqPTwmn8JrMzdofGg

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