Thursday, September 20, 2007

Note from Ted's lecture

Sept. 20th, 2007 - luser's speech about the Moz build
Ted Mielczarek, Mozilla Platform Engineer
irc: luser

  • Mozilla has thousands of makefiles
  • Cross-platform support, 3 major ones
  • tinderbox, web system that shows information about different builds, we have unit tests
  • lxr.m.o, searchable index of the source code, mozilla cross-reference
  • in the last year a lot of effort has been put into making the build system easier
  • virtual machine, vmwares to have different platforms running at the same time
  • Source code showed:
    • mozilla/
    • mozilla/
    • mozilla/config/ ?
  • There are in every folder and it is used to create make files
  • Builbot is being used by many people and Ben has been working on it
  • They want to get rid autoconf and use a python script instead
  • Socorro web app -
  • Google breakpad
  • bonsai - matches different branches
  • CVS Blame
  • make -n
  • Use lxr to search for features of the different products

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