Friday, September 28, 2007

How to name our project: "auto l10n" tool

Our project has changed from last week to this one.
If I was to give a codename for it, it would be "auto l10n" tool

Last week we were looking into doing an en-CA localization of Firefox, but we found out through Axel that it would be more productive for the Mozilla community to create an automated localization build tool. I will explain why:
Differences between en-US and en-GB are little (check Bug 345039) and they don't want us to "fork" en-GB to make an en-CA localization.

This tool in mind, that is not decided the language or how to do it (e.g. perl, python, makefiles, ...) has been discussed during the week between the three of us (Rueen, Vince, myself), our OS professor David Humphrey, Axel, Mic, Chris Tyler (OS professor at Seneca), shaver, dynamis (from Japan), Chris Hofman, Kohei Yoshino (from Japan), John O'Duinn, Pascal Chevrel (Axel CCed for different reasons)

It seems that Dynamis has been working on something that Axel thinks that he: "
sees a chance for code-reuse here with the merge-l10n work you're working on". TODO find out what is Dynamis working on

Axel wrote this (I've added the bolding and the (??) symbols):
Variants of existing localizations should
- make it easy to share bug-fixes between the variants, in particular,
create a joint development team
- assist in a joint support infrastructure, think SUMO(??). For all users of
Spanish localizations, for example, we should build one support forum.
- consist of a minimal set of information describing the changes
- be able to create a localization to be used for a localized build
He wrote few pages of technical information that I still have to diggest and by this weekend I should be able to talk about our 0.1 milestone for the project

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