Monday, October 01, 2007

auto l10n build tool: considerations

In Axel's email there was a lot that it is said and at the bottom of this post you can read some things I have highlighted. I'm going to send an email out and maybe file a bug to track things about this project.

Chris Hoffman had been working on an en-IN (india) localization from the en-GB and there are some bugs you can read about.

Our 0.1 milestone might be to create the X-dude langpack; I have to find out what the l10n tools and/or scripts can do for me. I also have to learn python.

Chris Hoffman's en-IN langpack and the X-dude langpack:
Chris's blog

The bug talking about en-IN:
and another one about en-CA, that mentions the necessity of automated l10n build tool:

Some of the things I want to highlight from Axel's email:
I envision this code to be python code. We have some existing python code that can extract the localization strings from a working copy,
we're using that to compare localizations, and other tests.

You can find the supporting code on, together with other tools. The scripts are in 'scripts', the modules in lib.

I think that just overwrites are likely not good enough, at least not on
a file level. One way to start would be to just specify the changed entities and use dynamis' l10n-merge work to fill in the rest, if that
could pick strings from other localizations than just en-US. More
flexibility would be a plus, though.

Try to automate localizations like en-IN or en-CA from en-GB

once you installed the modules via, you should be able to just run it, say
$> python l10n-diff mozilla/browser/locales/en-US l10n/en-GB/browser
It will spit something out that looks like a unified diff, but really isn't.

I'd say that the first good step would be to actually try to reproduce en-IN from en-GB
the next would be to create en-GB from en-US, up to points like accesskey upper-lower-case.

For en-CA and fr-CA, I guess that the language differences are none, so
you'd really only have to do the post-processing that Chris Hofmann did
for en-IN. seems to be a candidate,,
too, the two and bookmarks.html (the links need to have the
locale name twice).

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  1. It sounds like you'll be using Tinderbox to possibly compile your l10n stuff! Now I know why there are so many of those trees in Tinderbox (takes up about 85% of all trees) If you do end up using Tinderbox give me a shout as it can be confusing to look at!