Saturday, October 13, 2007

Experience with bugzlla

I made another post about the bugs I received because I was watching Axel (localization owner) and Dave told me that I didn't really do what he was expecting

Then I decided to add another user to watch, since I had only few bugs. I chose Ted (luser in IRC) who came to give a speech and after two days I realized I chose the wrong one; do you know why? Because I got 130+ bugs notifications in two days :P - How does he manage them? I really don't know

I've also understood now the concept of voting, which allows the users to vote for the bugs they think are more important to get fixed

I've also learned that you can save certain searches like the blocking bugs

I'm thinking that I haven't found a way to see which bugs I'm subscribed to or to see which bugs have filled others (let's say the use I want to watch) or to find users to follow (as it was mentioned in class). I have to bookmark them or use a filter on Thunderbird to direct them to a folder and then look email per email

It is insane to handle so many bugs and to receive so many emails, an interface like facebook that gives you more control on what things you are subscribed to (groups in the case of facebook), the notifications (types and frequency) of bugs activity and a long etcetera

Bugzilla won't change since it is too much work to redesign it and all the developers that have been using it for years have found many ways around to get the job just done.

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