Saturday, October 20, 2007

Session 10 - Download manager - incremental patch

I took some notes in class of the incremental build that Chris and Dave had and I decided to do it since I couldn't make it work the lab of modifying the behaviour of the "new tab"

  • I modified /c/ff/mozilla/toolkit/components/download/nsDownloadManager.cpp
  • Added these lines:
    nsDownloadManager::InitDB(PRBool *aDoImport)
    #ifdef DEBUG_ARMEN
    printf("\n\n\n\n*************\N\NStarting Init in nsDownloadManager\n\n*****\n\n\n\n");
  • cd /c/ff3/obj-i686-pc-mingw32/toolkit/components/download
  • export DEBUG_ARMEN
  • make

  • After a lot of work, I got tired and I got rid of #ifdef DEBUG_ARMEN
    First, my brother's account was called "Zambrano brothers", therfore, I created an account "Armen"
  • On the Mingw32 I appear as: Armen@DAVID, when before it was Zambrano brothers@DAVID
  • but #ifdef did not work either, I tried DEBUG_ARMEN and DEBUG_Armen

  • Anyways, now the changes are reflected without the #ifdef statement

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