Saturday, October 20, 2007

Session 8 -Modifying the Browser Lab

I'm trying to do this lab:
but I don't have the build on the computer and trying to get through DVD or my iPod says that will take 50 minutes!!!!
I will try to use my laptop, which has the source code BUT I had so many problems trying to build on VISTA (let's try again)
  • On this file:
  • t is a XUL:tab (
    1091 var t = document.createElementNS(
    1092 ",="">",
    1093 "tab");
    1111 this.mTabContainer.appendChild(t);
  • mTabContainer is a:
    160 document.getAnonymousElementByAttribute(this, "anonid", "tabcontainer");
  • Instead of appending to the end, I want to place it just beside the current tab
  • There are few ideas I have:
    • In,
      I have found selectedIndex and insertItemAt
    • this.mTabContainer.insertItemAt(this.mTabContainer.selectedIndex+1, t);

I never finished this lab, continue reading session 13

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