Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Heroes sudden realization

Do not read this if you haven't watched every episode until now.

After watching yesterday's episode I think that Adam has been waiting for centuries to reach Hiro's time and destroy Hiro's reality.
Adam was most likely behind The Company to make them destroy New York with Hiro in it but the idea failed.
  • What was the reason of destroying New York? How could he had assumed that Hiro would be in New York? He obviously knew the father was in New York
Now the top management of The Company are being murdered one by one since two weeks ago Adam got released, in which, we have the father of Hiro who felt from a building with the person who pushed him but obviously Adam hit the ground with him but he did not die.
  • Who released Adam? When was he captured? Maybe in the time between the bomb explosion and his appearance? Who had the power to capture him? Somebody must have a more cruel reason to have released him
The Top Management seems that have been confused and have been thinking of the rest as their killers, e.g. Patman thinking that the little girl was used to catch him, Patman making the mother of Peter nuts (remember her scratching herself), Bob thinking of Patman to come after him, etc

Other questions:
  • Who, how and why were Peter and Sylar rescued?
  • Peter was in the Company's hand, did he had his memory there?
  • Why Adam has contacted Peter? He is going to use him, what for?

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