Saturday, November 17, 2007

Session 17 - Creating extension (open new tab after current tab)

This lab I am doing helps you learn how to do your first extension for Firefox.
This extension is based in a patch that makes new tabs to open after the current tab, instead of opening as the last tab.
this time we will overlay our changes onto the browser at runtime, and alleviate the need for any direct changes to the code. This is possible using extensions." (Dave Humphrey)

  • create this folder structure:
    • intall.rdf
    • chrome.manifest
    • chrome/
      • chrome
        • addtabeside.js
        • overlay.xul
  • Zip the content and rename the file to addtabbeside.xpi
  • Drag and drop the .xpi file into the browser or the add ons manager and install it

Please if you want to create more extensions you can read some reflections that Dave wrote about it (it mentions online wizards ) and/or use Open Komodo which has a "Mozilla extension" project template you can use.

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