Thursday, November 08, 2007

Quick 0.2 release news

I would like to highlight the latest news out of the almost 2 week silence without going to a lot of details and more will come over the next few days and from Rueen and Vince, stay tuned!
  • During the FSOSS, we met with Michal Berman and gave us a taste of what the l10n part of the community looks like and she helped us to set in Google Groups a discussion about l10n tools, which Axel (the l10n owner) explained with a lot of details
  • Dynamys has appeared and posted his script in the bug -- quite complex!
  • We are engaged in an email with Seth Bindernagel
  • We have set a list of things that gotta be done and splitted among the three of us. Over these weekend, we would like to have good stuff done
I will be more detailed on what we want for the 0.2.3 release in a later post

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